Blessing in disguise…

A couple of years ago, i had a small dream, a dream of visiting one of the most beautiful countries in the whole world, a country that was known for its amazing scenery and equally -if not more- awesome people.

I had a dream of visiting Brazil ….


However as always with traveling, the very first thing i checked was the flight ticket, and “unsurprisingly” it was stupidly expensive whether the origin is from Egypt or Malaysia, so i had to kinda keep this dream on hold …… for now.

Fast forwarding to my graduation, my southeast Asia trip, and finally going back home to Egypt.

The minute i got back to Egypt, i started to frantically apply for job opportunities everywhere i could, and fortunately one company did reply, a company that was interested in recruiting international graduates for its global fresh graduate program.

Their screening process consisted of 6 stages and i was at stage 3 (Cyber interview), where i was told that if i pass, the next stage will have to be face-to-face and i’ll have to go to Europe, as much as i want to visit Europe, i mentioned that it will be a hideous process to apply for the Visa, they said they’ll forward my concerns to the main company.

Next thing i know, i got an email telling me that i passed the third stage and i’ll be moving onward to the following one, and regarding my problem with the visa, they decided to reallocate my interview venue to the main Headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil !! 😀

So there i was, offered a shot at a double dream (Visiting Brazil & starting my career in a grad program), i felt blessed and decided to make the most out of it, so here it goes …. my very brief yet EXTREMELY rewarding and life changing experience in Brazil ….

I know that I’ve been away for sometime from writing right here, but the reasons for that unfortunate pause is for another time to explain, right now … stay tuned for my Series about my time in Brazil 🙂

Basel …. OUT


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