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I was lucky enough to be nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by Mike & Veronique from Black Blue Green , to be perfectly honest -like them- I’ve never heard of this award before, so i went to be my best friend “Google” and did my research.

What i learned about this award is truly fascinating, the whole essence of this award is to bring the attention of people to the up and coming blogs that has a small following (like my humble blog :D).

Mike and Veronique had posted questions in their blog that i should be answering in this post as a part of “Accepting the reward”, i will also be posting questions of my own and nominating 5 other blogs for this same award.

The Questions:

1) When did you start travelling?

My very first trip away from home was in 2007, i was 17 years old and i was just accepted for a scholarship to study engineering in Malaysia, that trip was my first step outside of my comfort zone and inside the awesome world of travelling.


2) Do you keep notes in a diary or do you blog right away on the computer?

I was never a notes-keeping guy, believe me i tried, but wasn’t really my thing, when i’m travelling, i tend to blog right away using the WordPress app on my phone, and since i also use my phone to take pictures, i have all the material i need in one convenient device …… God i love my phone 😀

3) What is your favorite local dish?

Ahh, now that’s one difficult question, i consider myself a foodie, and to try to name one dish as my absolute favorite is next to impossible so i will name 3 -at least- 😀

A) Kuay Teow Daging (Chinese Fried Noodles with Beef) (Malaysia)


B) Banana Leaf rice (Indian cuisine) (Malaysia)


C) Pineapple fried rice (Cambodia)


4) What is it you like most in blogging?

Every time anyone tell me that an article i wrote has actually inspired him/her to travel or visit a certain place!! that’s by far the one and only thing i look for every time i sit down and write a blog post.

5) Where did you meet the nicest locals?

Southeast Asia is a place where you can find so many locals who are nice, kind, welcoming, hospitable, and over all just AWESOME!!, but if i’m to name one country with honestly the nicest people i have ever met in my life, it’ll be Vietnam!!


6) What is your favourite means of transport?

although i’m a backpacker, i have to say that my absolute favorite means of transportation is by Air planes, not that it’s the easiest or fastest, but i just love taking flights …. love the in-flight entertainment …. love the in-flight food …… i just love flying 😀


However I’ve never really taken any flights from a city to a city within the same country, so my second favorite is sleeping buses!!


7) What is your main advice to starting travel bloggers?

My main advice to travel bloggers is “Keep traveling …. Keep blogging”, even if at times you think that no one is reading, or that no one cares, treat your blog as your own personal travel-biography, write your most precious memories …. with the most amazing people …. post your best pictures and just ….. keep …. writing!!

You never know whether you will be the reason to inspire someone else to get out of their comfort zone and join you in the awesome side of life!!


8) Which country are you visiting next?



9) What is the longest time you have been away from your hometown?

Hmm since i was studying abroad, i guess the most time i stayed away from home lies between 1 to 2 years, not really sure.

10) What is your favourite occupancy for long bus rides?

Sleeping !!! ….. it’s a blessing if you can sleep in long bus rides, since i can’t really read in any means of transportation as i get dizzy, i love to sleep or -try to sleep- in long bus rides.

11) Name one thing every hostel/hotel should provide to offer a good experience? 

Hmm, that might sound weird, but i would actually love it for all hostels to have lockers in the rooms, since one of the biggest fear of any traveler staying in a hostel with stranger is his stuff being stolen, a locker for each guest is a heavenly solution and i believe it should be in all hostels 🙂



My Questions for the Nominees: (I’m not gonna go easy on you :P)

1) Why did you start your blog?

2) Where was your last, best vacation?

3) what is the country/place you dream of visiting?

4) Do you prefer traveling alone or with a group? and why?

5) What is your most prized possession ?

6) What was the best meal you’ve ever had?

7) What is the story behind your blog name ?

8) What is your guilty pleasure?

9) Who is your inspiration?

10) What is the first thing that you do in the morning?

11) What do you collect ??


The nominees are:

Tim OCallaghan Author in

Susan Aksu Author in

Lesley Carter Author in

Kaleigh Hinkley Author in

Briar Jensen Author in


For Rules of the Liebster Blog Award you can refer to this article:


I hope the nominees will accept this award and pass it on as well 🙂

All the best.

Basel ….. OUT


9 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

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  2. I’m curious, how do you find the newest blogs to nominate? I mean, almost every blog that I’ve ever found is already super popular. That’s especially true if using Google to find blogs. I wouldn’t even know how to meet or follow people starting out. It would be nice to have a fellow beginner (or a few) struggling alongside me! 😉

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