Stupid Motivations ….

Less than 1 year ago, i hated jogging with all of my soul and mind, I’ve found it to be this “Dry” “Boring” “pointless” “Tiring” piece of hellish exercise that is absolutely ridiculous and time wasting, i’d rather swim …. or play video games !!


I also had no interest in reading anything, unless it was a SMALL article on Business Insider, Thought Catalog, BuzzFeed .. etc, Because i generally like to get my information from videos or visual presentations, and for the novels, well … all the good ones are eventually made into movies … so why bother ??


Blogging made NO SENSE to me, It was this online page where you write post after post about what you did that day …. how you felt … who did you meet …. and what are you planning to do next ?? …. Maybe i wasn’t lucky enough to find a good informative blog that could show me the real essence of blogging and how it is useful to society, however i just found online diaries of people sharing way too many information about their day and the only thing i can think of is “Who the hell cares??”



This is my first blog post where i’m not sharing a story of one of my trips, instead i’m sharing a “Thought” that i got few days ago …

I remembered all those stuff i disliked and loathed not so long ago, and how i view them very differently now …. i traced it back to find out what happened and what changed me …. and well …. here it is!!


1) Suits

Suits is a USA Network drama series depicting the life of lawyers in a fictitious law firm in NYC, what does that have to do with anything ??? … well nothing … it is just a show i liked very much, i grew quite fond of how the characters had their S*it together and how they were very knowledgeable and creative.


After watching the fourth episode of the third season ….. something CLICKED!!

I just took a dead serious decision to do the following:

A) Force myself to Jog and exercise every single day.

B) Force myself to read 20 pages of any useful book every day.

I have not stopped jogging or reading since …. (you can check the books I’ve finished reading on the right side bar)

Now i find jogging a fantastic chance to just DISCONNECT from the world …. have some actual “Me time”, and give the chance to your thoughts to manifest and your inner creative person to shine!! you don’t believe me ??? take your mp3/phone … put on your headsets and go for a jog in the early morning and see what happens ….


Now i’m in love with reading different types of books, i find them GREATLY nurturing to the mind, they help you expand your horizon … have different perspectives on life … and best of all …. inspire to do more and more great things … meet great people … have great conversations …. make great friends ….


Did a TV show do all that ??? i hardly think so … it was just the push i needed to dive into those two activities and push through the first 1 – 2 months till i started enjoying them anyway!! …. this TV show was nothing but a ……. Stupid Motivation!!


2) 1 page of a book

One day i was sitting with my best friend Omar, the author of the upcoming blog “Business Art School“, he was reading a book and he asked me to read a certain page of the book.

I read that page and was stunned for a minute, the next thing i did was launching this blog and starting to write about the next “Big thing” going on in my life (in this case, it was our graduation trip to Vietnam and Cambodia).

For the first few nights in Vietnam after we’ve got back from a really tiring day, i would stay up on my PHONE, typing and posting pictures to finish the blog post, then i would go out of the room and sit on the stairs to get the best WiFi signal so i can upload that post before i go to sleep. (Sometimes the uploading would take 15-20 minutes due to the massive size of the pictures using WordPress phone app).

Trust me when i tell you that i didn’t write 21 blog posts (this is 22nd) in the past 3 month because of 1 page of a book, that page was just the push i needed to commit to this thing, that page was nothing but a ………. Stupid Motivation!!


3) Why Stupid??

When you start transforming your life and changing things drastically and become a better YOU!!, people are bound to ask you “What happened??” and when you do tell them about that movie, series, book or person that got you to change so much, their answer is most probably going to be “pfft, that’s silly/stupid”!!

Silly/Stupid motivations doesn’t make your work any less AWESOME, in fact i’m proud of my few stupid motivations, if it weren’t for them i wouldn’t have been who i’m today … the great thing about them is that they are so simple, inexpensive, unpredictable yet just the THING you need.

So go out there and look for your own stupid motivations, and don’t ignore that fire inside you!!

and if you have any similar silly motivations, share them with me in the comments below 🙂


Basel …


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