The “Egypt Backpackers” Initiative


                   The land with a 7000-years worth of Civilization, and my home country!!


After we got back from our graduation trip in Vietnam and Cambodia, we decided to start up an initiative to encourage Egyptian Youth to take on Backpacking and traveling in general, and to encourage the long lost GENERATION of tourists that just gave up on ever wanting to visit this beautiful country due to the recent unfortunate events that unfolded in the past 2-3 years, we also set out to carve the Backpacking route in Egypt, which is -sadly- a not such a “backpacking-friendly” country.


We started a new Facebook page called “Egypt Backpackers“, where we share different types of posts like:

1) Posts that encourage traveling / Backpacking

2) Posts that highlights beautiful places and things to do in Egypt

3) Posts that showcase our trips and adventures in this great country


The posts will be shared in both English and Arabic, and everyone is welcome to share any of our posts, and even contribute with their own post/picture or story by sending us a message on our page.


Egypt Backpackers Logo

We really hope to truly inspire Egyptian Youth to get out of their comfort zone and start discovering this amazing country we live in, and -in turn- the whole world.

I will be documenting our activities and trips -in detail- in this blog, and i will be publishing the same content in Arabic in my other blog right HERE.

We took on our very first trip in Egypt on 5th of Jan to Saint Catherine city in Southern Sinai Governorate, but more on that later …

Till then …

Basel …. OUT


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