Mui Ne ….. A Seafood Haven!!

After our amazing stay in the most beautiful capital city I’ve ever been to … Hanoi.

It was time for us to go back all the way to Saigon and from there to Cambodia.

On the way back, we wanted to stop by the most famous city with a beach in VietnamMui NeΒ !!

We did indeed need to relax for a couple of days before we go on to Cambodia.


1) The hotel

The bus dropped us quite far from the city center, we were surrounded by VERY expensive resorts.

we kept walking around to find us a cheap and nice place, Till we found this hotel.

Mui Ne hotel

It had double rooms for 10$ per night.

Mui Ne Hotel 2

The place was “Okay”, it wasn’t really amazing tho and as i said earlier, it was quite far from the city center ( approx 3-4 KM)

we booked 2 nights there and went down to explore the city.


2) Mui Ne in 1 paragraph

So here is the deal about Mui Ne, it’s a city with an “okay” beach, LOTS of resorts, really nice weather, Best and cheapest seafood I’ve ever found so far, oh and PLENTY of Russians !! in fact the whole city has Russian like a 2nd language beside English πŸ˜€

Mui Ne


3) The beach

The beach in Mui Ne is quire weird, actually there is no beach, like NO SAND, it’s just the sea water and some rock formation as you can see in this pic …

Mui Ne Beach

secondly, there is no clear “entrance” to the beach, mostly you can access the beach only through shops, restaurants, resorts or hotels that are AT the beach.

Mui Ne Trees

The Water wasn’t fantastic looking so we decided to just relax at the beach and maybe read something.


4) Relaxing like a boss!!

Since ALL the amazing seating/relaxing spots in the whole city is inside the resorts, we’ve put “sanna7 we tenna7” operation into effect which could be translated to “Act like you belong”

It goes like this:

A) Pick the resort you like

Mui Ne resort

B) Casually walk into the resort

Mui Ne Resort 2

C) pick your favorite seat facing the ocean

Mui Ne Resort 3

Mui Ne resort 5

D) put on your sunglasses, get your book out and ……… RELAX!!

Mui Ne Resort 4

I can really say that I’ve had a great time at Mui Ne, but it wouldn’t be complete if i didn’t tell you about THE FOOD!! πŸ˜€


5) Seafood Haven!!

Mui Ne is FULL of seafood BBQ restaurants and i mean FULL!!

Mui Ne Seafood

They literally have all the seafood you can ever think of, ……… Among other things πŸ˜›

Mui Ne Seafood 2

Behold ….. This awesome creature that is soon to be our dinner for the day.

Mui Ne Seafood 2

YUP, they have crocodiles, the kilo goes for 350,000 dong (15$).

We ordered 300 grams and waited while they BBQed them.

Mui Ne Seafood 3

We also got a couple of steamed rice plates with them for 5000 dong each (1/4 $)

Mui Ne Seafood 5

Mui Ne Seafood 6

I know that the question you have in mind is ” What does crocodiles taste like?”, that question actually was in my mind while i was waiting for it to be BBQed, i thought ” well, i’m gonna taste it then i’ll blog about how does it taste like !! beef, chicken, fish … etc”

Surely enough i take the first bite and …………………..

It taste freaken AWESOME but it taste like NOTHING i’ve ever had !! , like really it’s a 100% new taste in my mouth sooo yah !! crocodiles tastes like crocodiles!! πŸ˜€

Another thing to add in the food department is the family operated restaurants there, for a really really nice meal, make sure you pick a family operated restaurants like this one!!

Mui Ne restaurant

we had some really great Vietnamese beef noodles over there (Amazing portions / cheap price / delicious taste)


6) Activites & Tours

In Mui Ne, the most famous water sport activity is Kite Surfing, unfortunately we didn’t have the time to ask about the exact prices.

Mui Ne Kitesurfing

Google Image

One of the most famous tours in Mui Ne also is the Sand Dunes, where you take a jeep and go for sand surfing.

Mui Ne Sand Dunes

Google Image

The price for this tour is 6-7$ per person.


Those couple of days in Mui Ne were a well-deserved relaxation time, it was time for us to hop back on the open tour bus and head to Saigon.

Till then …..

Basel …… OUT

(All pictures are captured with Samsung Galaxy Note I & Note II phone cameras)


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