Dining in the DARK!! (Kuala Lumpur)

When a simple dinner restore your faith in food and all new experiences in life.

An experience that will truly give you a completely different perspective in life, And will get you to appreciate what you have and respect those who don’t have it…….

YES, it’s a dinner, but not just like any normal dinner, it’s special in so many ways, so allow me to walk you through my experience in “Dining in the dark”.

(I didn’t state what exact dishes did I eat, as eating unknowingly is a HUGE part of the experience so I’ll leave it to you ;D )
1) Reservation


“Dining in the dark” Has a website where you can visit and place reservations for you and your party of friends, It’s a simple form to fill and you won’t need to pay anything or put any credit card information.

The link to the website is HERE

The link to the reservation page is HERE

After you place your reservation request, you’ll receive a confirmation email some time in the same/following day.

They will also email you in the day of your dinner to remind you and also give you a call few hours before it -that’s what I call damn fine customer care indeed-

1.2) Location and how to get there

The “Dining in the dark” place is located in the second floor beside “werners” in the beginning of changkat bukit bintang.

The location map is HERE

If you’re not taking a taxi, one way to get there is:
1) Take the monorail to bukit bintang station
2) once you get out of the station, walk left
3) until you see a KFC, then take your right
4) just keep walking straight till you reach changkat.

2) Training wheels ON!!

It’s recommended for you to arrive there around 15 minutes before the time of your dinner.


Once you arrive you’ll be escorted to a nice booth -outside the dining hall- and offered complementary drinks.


You’ll have a very gracious host with you to to welcome you and introduce your first experience of the night “The training session” xD

Yup, you will be trained before you go for your dinner.

There is 2 different exercise that you’ll get to do BLINDFOLDED!!

A) To enhance your sense of “touching” , you’ll be searching with your fingers for a paperclip in a bowl of raw rice , sounds easy? … I assure you…. It’s NOT xD


B) To enhance your ability of “communication”, you’ll be guided by your friend to put some wood blocks in their correct places , that one is quite nice and easy xD



3) It’s time!!

After finishing your training, you’ll be escorted to the dinning hall, before you enter, you’ll put your phone, watch and basically any -glow in the dark- thing you have in a locker.

You will then be introduced to your AWESOME darkness expert who will also be your host through out the dinner.

Now, it’s time to go in, you will go into the hall in a “train” formation, and the hall is pitch black, like there isn’t the slightest hint of light inside, so dark you won’t even see your own hands.


After walking in a very strict path guided by your darkness expert, you’ll reach your table and will be seated and the darkness will start to sink in…. xD



4) 2-hour long tastebuds orgasm

I’ll briefly describe the courses but WILL NOT state the types of dishes.





The dinner is a 4-course dinner consisting of:

A) Appetizers: 4 different appetizers for you to eat in a specific order stated by your darkness expert.

B) Soups: 2 different soups for you to drink in order.

C) Main: 3 main courses to be eaten in order

D) Dessert: 5 different desserts to be eaten in order.

I really won’t be exaggerating if I said that it was THE best meal I’ve ever had in my life, I don’t know if it’s the darkness, the fact that you dunno what the Heck are you eating or that the food is just cooked marvelously but it seriously was undeniably the best I’ve EVER had.


5) Aftermath

After you finish your dinner, you’ll be escorted by your darkness expert outside in the same way you got in.

YAY, you can see again … it’ll take you a while to adjust to the lights xD

You’ll then be handed an evaluation card and of course you’ll give them an excellent rating coz your mind is still blown!!



You’ll also be handed a menu to see what did you just eat, which is a really cool way to check how accurate is your pallet. xD

Although it’s a bit ridiculous to put a price tag on this experience, I’ll break it down to you.

Meal = RM115 approx per person (as of November 2013, it might increase later on)
Drink inside ( water = 5.5 / juice=10 / beer=25)


5.1) Tips:

A) do NOT bring inside any glow in the dark stuff, trust me!! It might sound funny to you but it’ll really ruin your experience and the guests around you BIG TIME!!

B) the drink inside is “optional” and as I stated above, it’s excluded from the menu, I’d still recommend you to order it as it really complete the dinner experience.

C) try as much as you can to be as quite as you can, although me and my friends didn’t really follow this tip when we started our dinner, we realized how greater the experience is if it’s all quite around you.

D) some of the darkness experts are actually blind, which is all the more reason to believe in their true awesomeness, make sure you complement them on a job well-done 🙂

“Special shout-out to “Darius” our magnificent darkness expert / “Nine” and “lisa” our gracious hosts :)”



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