The War Room!!


-This is gonna be a super long post so bear with me now or hmm … pocket it 😀 !!-

-((In this post you’ll find information about: Entry visas to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos / How to find cheap flight tickets / how to find and book accommodation in your destination place/ What books would help you with your Southeast Asia trip))-

An awesome trip is a well-planned one, -now by planned- i don’t mean a strict itinerary of (what to do, where and when) down to the minute, that’s just boring and it rarely works, so basically the best thing to do is being spontaneous and go with the flow.


OK, so let me rephrase my first sentence in this post:

“An awesome trip is a 50% planned one 50% spontaneous and a naturally going one”


In our “War room”, we review many resources about the places we are going to, we pinpoint the highlights( “must do’s” and “must see’s”) we then roughly plan our itinerary around those highlights, and we just run with it.

So basically in this post, i’ll walk you through our “resources” and the process we followed to come up with our 50% part of our awesome trip (The plan).

However, in this post i won’t be listing out what do we plan to see or do in Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos, because well …. why tell you, if i can SHOW YOU!!

The plan:

1) Visa: Can you obtain an entry visa to the country you wanna go to?


Obviously your answer to this question must be YES!! in order for you to proceed with the plan.There are several ways you can know if you can obtain a visa to a country or not, my favorite is THIS.

The next step is to know the process that needs to be followed to obtain the entry visa. In this post I’ve shared the process for both Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos:



The entry visa can be obtained ONLINE through this

This link contain all the necessary information that you might need to know about the Visa. Cost of application: 28$


Visa approval letter_ example

We applied for a “letter of approval” through this link.

and then we will obtain the visa on arrival, it took a total of 3 working days to process the letter of approval.

Vietnam-visa (1)

Cost for letter: 10$ + 7$ (for Egyptians) [Yup, some countries have to pay 7 extra USD]

Cost for the visa on arrival: 45$



For Laos, there was no need to apply for anything online, the visa will obtained on arrival.

Cost: 30$


2) Flight Tickets:


As Vietnam only issue visa on arrival for us in AIRPORTS, we have to kick start our journey by a flight form Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

One of the best ways to find the cheapest flight tickets from anywhere to anywhere is using: SkyScanner


This amazing website take information from you like (country of origin, destination, time of flight …. etc) and then cross reference all those information with heck load of airlines and other flight-booking websites and come up with nearly all the possible combinations of flights you might consider to go wherever you want.

However, when it come to Asia, it is quite safe to assume that your best choice without thinking twice (best as in cheapest :P) is AirAsia


Full of mind-blowing deals all year long, you will be better off with AirAsia for your flights in this region.



3) Hotels & Motels:

For us, we usually take our chances and just wait till we’re already in the country then we start walking around looking for a place to stay, this way might get you to discover some really good places that are not featured online or in any guide books, yet that’d be perfect for your low budget, however this method is quite exhausting and is very unsuitable if you visit a country in its PEAK TIME.

Another alternative to “wondering around” is simply booking your accommodation online.

Right here are 2 of the best websites that can be easily used to look for and book accommodation in nearly every country in the world:

A) : My personal favorite as you can book any hotel at any                                  time without paying any fees online and just paying the fees on the spot                                when you check in (you can cancel reservation anytime as long as it’s                                  more than 3 days before the day of check in) / Tip: download the mobile app                        and sign in with your email, it’ll show you some “secret” deals that are pretty                        cool.


B) This website has a great selection of hotels as well, and it                                 might have a bit more hotels in South East Asia than,                                       however you will have to pay the reservation fee online when you’re                                       booking.



4) Highlights:

In order to know the highlights of a place we’re going, the internet is our friend, there are tons of websites, pages and blogs out-there that will tell you about many highlights and famous places that you must visit in the city/country you’re going to.

There is also BOOKS you can get that’ll help you GREATLY by putting every possible piece of information whether it’s about food, drinks, clubs, hotels, tours, museums, sightseeing …. etc , in one -easy to carry- very helpful book.

In our trip we are using 2 different books that are really helping us put our plan together:

A) Lonely planet: Southeast Asia on a Shoestring Cost: 27$ /

or on Amazon for 20$ approx /

In Goodreads


B) The rough guide to Southeast Asia on a budget Cost: 27$ /

or on Amazon  for 24$ approx/

In Goodreads



So that’s pretty much most of the resources we mainly use to plan for our trips, no need to make this post longer than it is, so i’ll end it right here!!

stay tuned for our updates from Vietnam 😉

Basel ……… Out


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