Where it all starts ….


My name is Basel, I’m an Egyptian citizen who received a bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronics engineering from PETRONAS University of Technology in Malaysia (UTP) in October 2013.


At the time of writing this post, i’m sitting in UTP hostel with my two best friends (Belal and Omar) who will be my companions in out upcoming journey, discussing our plan for the next few month.


Considering that the three of us are required to join the military service, it is only a matter of few month before we are forced to put on the armor and carry the fire arm,


hence we have decided that till then, we’ll make the best of what we got, and we’ll make the trip of our life time !!


and well ………. for the first time in my life, and for the sake of commemorating this trip, I’ve decided to blog about it!! …. so buckle up your seat belts … it’s gonna be a heck of a journey 😉

Basel …. Out


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